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Tivoli Theatre's In the Spotlight show 10 September
Tivoli Theatre’s In the Spotlight show 10 September

This part of the world is becoming a bit of a mecca for all things quirky and vintage!  The beautiful Tivoli Theatre in Wimborne has got this fantastic looking show for the evening of 10 September.  Apparently it combines Parisian charm with Las Vegas glamour which can’t possibly be a bad thing!  If you’re at a loose end and want to start your Vintage weekend with a bang get yourself down there.

Pokesdown in Bournemouth is also stuffed full of beautiful vintage shops including that of our lovely friends at Love from Hetty and Dave who will be bringing their completely beautiful things to our fair!!  I can almost always be guaranteed to be seen wearing my pretty blue tit brooch and carrying my favourite ever handbag, a customised vintage number complete with added blue tits as well.  MollieMakes have also recently featured the equally pretty mouse bag.   Come along to our fair and see if you can pick up your own piece of original arm art 🙂


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