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Morning World!

The Vintage Fair opens!

Well what a day…and what fantastic people our exhibitors are.  You can see some of the beautiful things on offer and how many people came to shop in this picture!  That’s me by the piano rocking my favourite bunting necklace from Tatty Devine 

Favourite Bunting Necklace

 and my fab new dress which I picked up at Foxtrot Vintage in Salisbury (one of my fav shops – more about that sometime soon!).  Have had great feedback from visitors and exhibitors alike which is so heartening.  Katherine from Homegrown Originals has put a lovely write up on her blog, do have a look!  As Katherine says one of the very best things about the day was meeting so many like minded people and I felt that there was a warm and friendly atmosphere as a result, hope you did too if you made it along.
We had a lot of really happy little ones at the fair too with the childrens area busy all day and lots of mummies going home with handmade lavender bags as a result!  Massive thanks to all the crafty and story reading crew!  Also huge thanks to May who stepped in to provide an absolutely brilliant facepainting service for the little ones and young at heart.  Tommy and his friends were fully pirated up complete with beards and many cries of ‘aharr me hearties!’.  Here’s a great photo of the kids area while story time was going on.

Enjoying craft and stories!

 We also have an amazing record of the day as all the children took part in drawing on a roll of lining paper to make a huge long poster.  Photos to follow we hope and ideas to display this would be gratefully received!
So there you go for now,  hopefully we will have more photos to post later.  If you have any of your own feel free to send them to me at  and I’ll show them all here!  I’ll also fill you in on everything I bought yesterday soon.  Would be great to see photos of any of you wearing something you bought yesterday if possible!   Take care and keep the vintage love! xx

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