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A Saturday with nothing to do…..more local vintage fun!

A week on from the fair and life is starting to return to normal life with a day to indulge ourselves with a lot of things that we love to do.  This generally means hitting Pokesdown for some brilliant vintage browsing of course!  Sadly Deco is closing down (to pursue other projects) and was shut for lunch so Mr M hit Love from Hetty and Dave 

Iris modelling the vintage headscarf look!

to find out how Zoe got on at Bestival and whether Ali enjoyed the fair, while I headed next door to Vintage Per Sempre to indulge my vintage pinny obsession with sleepy Tom in the buggy.

Vintage per Sempre Pokesdown

My my what a lovely shop and unusually just as good for menswear and things for children!  I was lusting after a 50s seersucker pinny but managed to restrain myself…for now…

Next off to Boscombe to hit Boscanova for some foody indulgence in the form of a London Fog and a large East End Breakfast complete with yummy bubble and squeek.  Boscanova is definitely the coolest eatery around!

Check these lights made out of paper cups!      

Quick look in Claires China in the Beautiful Royal Arcade (new home of Boscombe Vintage Market) and then off to the beach for some doggy and kiddy letting off steam.  Perfect!

keep the vintage love xx

Happy Doggy on the beach


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