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Rosy Cheeks and Seashells

Meg and Tommy Rosy Cheeked in the Autumn sunshine

Having languished in the house on Saturday diligently protecting the animals from fireworks and noise and cleaning windows and ovens and all sorts, Sunday was a day to get out in the fresh air.  The sun was shining and still very warm for November (!) so via West Quay hell tempered by a visit to wonderful John Lewis, we hit Lepe Country Park for a doggie walking run along it’s pebbly beach.

Luckily it was chilly enough in the wind to be able to get Tom to wear his new ears scarf/hood combo which was the source of so much irritation while I was making it last week.  The fluffy Sirdar Snowflake may be lovely and snugly but it’s horrible to knit with, especially when you have to pick up 80 stitches to graft on the hood – will make some mittens to go with it and then avoid it in future!  Still he looks pretty cute in it, if a little like an ewok

Watch House

We love the seaside but have never been to Lepe Country Park as it’s on the other side of the New Forest to us but it’s a lovely, quite old fashioned corner.  Probably busy in high season but lovely on a crisp November afternoon.  Maisydog could run around to her hearts content while we soaked up the views of the Isle of Wight which is apparently only a mile or so away – you could clearly see beach huts and houses – and a tall ship in the distance too – not to mention Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower.  The kids had a brilliant time on the adventure play ground too and I picked up A LOT of pinecones for decorating the Village Hall for the glamorous Christmas evening with Salisbury Big Band.  Perfect.

keep the vintage love xx


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  1. Hi Karen, thanks for telling us about this place, we’re always looking for new beaches to take the in-laws to when they visit. Tom looks really cute in his knitted ears x

  2. Sirdar snowflake is a devil yarn…hate hate hate….unfortunately small boy likes the feel and wants more. Good on you for perservering, v. cute


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