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Guilty Pleasures?

I bloody love Corned Beef.  I fully realise that this is NOT a hip or healthy food choice and it got me musing over what other guilty food pleasures I have… I’ve hijacked the 10 on Tuesday idea to whip up a quick list…

Corned Beef Hash - Fried potatoes and onion with fried corned beef - mmm

1.  Corned Beef – especially with salad cream

2. Custard Creams

3. Spaghetti Hoops (wrong wrong wrong I know – but yum – just add grated cheese for that continental touch!)

4. Spam fritters


5. Birds Custard with banana or swiss roll cut up in it

6. Banana and Peanut Butter sarnies

7. Condensed milk

8. Jam and cream sandwiches

9. Faggots

10. Coleslaw – with almost everything

On reflection there’s a distinct element of nostalgia about this list! Fancy that…

Brain's Faggots ad

Is anyone else out there living in the food 70s I wonder?

Keep the vintage love xx


3 responses »

  1. We’re having faggots for tea this evening! x x

  2. Condensed milk on bread. I believe that covers all the necessary food groups!


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