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Real Flower Jewellery – a Winners Tale

I’ve often wished I could make really beautiful and delicate things.  I can throw a reasonable bit of lacy knitting together but that’s as far as it goes, gorgeous jewellery, despite being one of my major indulgences, is beyond me.  Recently, whilst looking for a birthday present for my dear sister in law, I have discovered the joys of real flower jewellery and been transported in my head back to the piles and piles of flowers I pressed in books and flower presses as a small child.

The joy of these genuine little gems is their simplicity and I’m smitten!

Kay’s Daisy Necklace from Natural Pretty Things

Imagine my joy when last week I caught sight of a message on facebook from one of my favourite real flower etsy shops Natural Pretty Things – I had WON their recent competition and a dandelion seed necklace was on it’s way to me.  I couldn’t be happier and I’m sure you can see why from this beautiful photo.  Just gorgeous – please check them out!  Thank you June xx

Keep the Vintage Love xx


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  1. what a cute blog you have! 🙂 thanks for sharing!


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