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Nothing Says Christmas like a Blue Peter Advent Crown – Apart from the Alderholt Christmas Fair!

Children of the 70s (and their parents!) will definitely remember the death trap that was the Blue Peter Advent Crown, a makeshift concoction of wire coat hangers, tinsel and real candles!  Anyone that had a go at making one of these once John Noakes had started lighting them each year will know that they were inherently HIGHLY unstable and probably flammable but I’m still misty eyed for those old days of dodgy jumpers, chocolate log (yes with the plastic robin and Father Christmas) and your Mums decorations that came out every year!  Not to mention Morcombe and Wise on the telly of course.

So I’m delighted to be able to announce that our Vintage and Handmade Fair this year will be a super-lovely nostalgic Christmas affair! Come along for that simple old fashioned Christmas experience, as last year we will have free events for the children and a tea room as well as a ‘Dads’ area complete with papers to read. The date for your diary is 10 November!  Stalls will be £12 this year.  Please contact me either via the blog or on twitter or on my email ( to enquire about a stall.  In the meantime, for those that were not involved last year here’s a link to the gallery for last years event.

Hope to hear from you soon and Keep the Vintage Love! xx


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  1. Damn, this just one of MANY reasons I wish we lived nearer to you guys …

    Best of luck with it, it’s going to be even more amazing than last year’s event ! x


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