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Magazine Review – Pretty Nostalgic

The Eagle Eyed among you may have noticed that we recently enjoyed a brilliant weekend at the Vintage Nostalgia Show near Salisbury.   One of the most fun parts of this was meeting the girls from Pretty Nostalgic Magazine who were there to promote their beautiful new magazine and their book!

The Pretty Nostalgic girls rocking the parasol look!

Obviously I’m a sucker for a lovely magazine! My shelves are already groaning with piles of Mollie Makes and Handmade Living not to mention countless Knitting Magazines, but this one is different.   The photography and design is as beautiful as Mollie Makes and it’s in more of a softback book format so easy to keep and treasure.   The big thing though is that it’s more like a fanzine in a way, for the vintage, handmade and eco lover and made by vintage and handmade devotees directly.  There are contributions from all sorts of people on a really diverse range of interests and it’s full of practical ideas and inspiration as well as interesting information on collectibles and antiques.  I love old glass so the Art Deco Glass article is right up my street and full of buying tips.


What a fabulous strap line this is for a magazine! As well as a focus on local producers and their products and homes there is also a focus on community and sharing resources.  I hadn’t heard of the new online community called Camp in My Garden but what a fantastic idea in these straightened times.  Do check out their website, it’s full of people in the UK and Europe who are opening up their space to like minded campers.   Advertisers include Permaculture Magazine and Neal’s Yard Remedies and there are articles about developing a community garden or growing your own plants for traditional remedies.  Mr was really interested in the history and recipe for the scotch egg (he dreams of making a Cornish version!) and the focus on Star Wars Toys.

Another favourite of mine was The Bottom Draw Project which was a series of mini items on people’s most treasured possessions and the, often affecting, stories behind them linked to memories and people no longer around.   It’s especially nice to hear from a range of people from Vintage Writers to a Forest Schools leader.  I think that the Magazine would genuinely welcome contributions from anyone to this and in fact in general.


I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now – starting from financial necessity after giving up work to spend time at home with my small boy.  Basically the idea is to choose what you buy more carefully with a view to it lasting longer, and also on making use of second hand items or on repurposing items that you already have.  I have a skirt made from some 1950s curtains picked up at a local Give and Take Day (bring and buy without the buy – everything is free!) and a much loved velvet jacket I owned that became too threadbare to wear.

My repurposed skirt

It get’s so many positive comments when I wear it and you’ll never bump into anyone wearing the same thing when you’re out in your very own handmade original!  The magazine is full of inspiration to help us to find our way out of the horribly resource wasting throw away fashion culture.


Pretty Nostalgic is a bi-monthly magazine and something beautiful to keep and refer to.  The £8 price tag may look steep but this is a self-published magazine and two months worth of Mollie Makes would cost almost £10! In a major coup Pretty Nostalgic will now be available in over 600 WH Smith stores across the UK or if you live locally I’ll happily lend you mine to tempt you in to subscribing (at 25% off!).  Click here for subscription information.  I know that the editors are always keen to find contributors and advertisers so do get in touch!.  For July and August there is a Seaside and Beach Hut theme – JOY – can’t wait for mine to arrive!

Keep the Vintage Love xx

Beach Huts (by Kay Smith)

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