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Festive tales again

We are starting to feel a bit festive here finally – although there’s still no presents bought!  On Wednesday the local church brought their Wander of Wonder to our house which meant we had to decorate outside the house.  Consequently the sad old caravan is cheerily adorned with the holly garland from the big band night (waste not, want not) and there’s a new holly Christmas tree as well as the wreath we bought at the Pokesdown Christmas evening.  The Wander of Wonder is an advent event where the children learn about the Christmas story. Our bit of the story was at the start where the Angel Gabriel tells Mary that she’s going to have a baby.  I tried to make the caravan look like some kind of middle-eastern shelter by covering the roof with hessian and some blue fabric (Mary) and Tom and I made some little Angels from old cereal boxes, doilies and paint.   The only issue really was that the gale force winds kept blowing everything away as soon as I put it up! We were inundated with little ones all excited about Christmas and were making hot chocolate too weakly like whirling dervishes – everyone will be back again on 23rd.  I love village life!

Friday evening saw me heading over in the ice to Woodlands in the forest for a Christmas Wreath making workshop organised by brilliant Daisy who helped with the garland last week to raise money for her netball club.  Arriving late as ever I’d missed the demo, but as usual everyone made me really welcome and I was soon in the swing of tying greenery onto the moss ring Daisy provided.  It was really amazing how differently all of the wreaths turned out !  I went for a bit of glitz as I had some sparkly gold bells left over from the table decs last weekend but added a few cranberries for colour.  Clever Kathryn made a beautiful and natural ring with evergreen and natural reds from berries and cranberries.  Thanks for organising such a great evening Daisy.

There’s a busy week ahead full of school events and lovely lunches with friends.  Really must fit in card writing and  present buying too!  Wish me luck!

Keep the vintage love xx

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